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Year 2016 is FKA's 30th anniversary and in February we celebrate with Jodo! These are the frequently asked questions about the seminar.


Registration closed 20th January. Please contact for questions regarding your registration.

  • Where?

    The seminar is held in Lahti,Finland at Mukkula school , which recently celebrated its 50 year anniversary! The address of the school is:

    Lippokatu 1
    15240, Lahti

    Here is a link to the school on google maps.

  • When?

    The preliminary schedule for the seminar is as follows:

    Friday 5th February 2016
    16:00 Registration begins.
    16:30 Free keiko.
    18:00 Seminar opens and ZNKR jodo.
    21:00 End of keiko.
    Saturday 6th February 2016
    08:00 Breakfast.
    09:00 ZNKR jodo.
    12:00 Lunch.
    13:00 More jodo!
    18:00 End of keiko.
    19:30 Dinner.
    22:30 Party continues....
    Sunday 7th February 2016
    08:00 Breakfast.
    09:00 ZNKR jodo.
    12:00 Lunch.
    13:00 More jodo!
    15:00 Seminar closes.

    Please note that there is no admittance to the school before 16:00 on Friday, because that's when school ends for the children.

  • Who is coming?

    Everyone! We are also fortunate enough to have the following distinguished and patient teachers to help us:

    • Jock Hopson sensei 7th dan jodo kyoshi
    • Takao Momiyama sensei 7th dan jodo renshi
    • Robert Rodriguez sensei 6th dan jodo renshi
    • Robert Völkmann 5th dan jodo
    • Asko Pitkänen 5th dan jodo
  • Where will I sleep?

    We are providing free! accomodation for all participants in rooms of 2-5 random people at Forenom Apartment Hotels . Some examples of rooms: two bed room , five bed room .

    The address of the aparthotel is:

    Rauhankatu 14
    15110, Lahti

    Here is a link to the aparthotel on google maps.

  • What will I eat?

    We are providing an authentic Finnish School Breakfast and Lunch Experience at the seminar location, and a well-seasoned three course dinner on Saturday at the Scandic Hotel for free!

    If you have an aversion to meat (vege, vegan) or have other culinary restrictions, please mention it in your registration. We will do our best to accomodate your every need, but might have to just feed you rice with water sauce if it's too complicated.

  • How much does it cost?

    Are you 18 years old or younger? Then for 90 EUR you may join our fabulous event. Old people pay 120 EUR.

  • I'm sold! Where do I register?

    Registration is closed. Please contact for questions regarding your registration.
  • How will I get to Lahti?

    By car

    You can get to Lahti by car using a GPS navigator. It takes about an hour from Helsinki.

    By bus from the airport

    The bus company Koiviston Auto has a direct bus from terminals one and two of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Lahti. At the time of writing it costs 10 EUR one way and takes about an hour and a half. The price from the bus driver is the same as from the internet, so you don't need to get a ticket in advance.

    By bus from Helsinki city centre

    Koiviston Auto also runs a bus from Helsinki Bus Station in Kamppi to Lahti market place or the bus station.

    By train from the airport or city centre

    The Z-train goes from Helsinki Central Railway Station to Lahti Railway Station in about an hour. At the time of writing a one-way fare is on promotion at 8.40 EUR, but that might not last until February. More typical prices are around 12.40 - 13.40 EUR, one way. It's not possible to buy a ticket in advance, but you should buy one before boarding the train, as there is a small 0.5 EUR surcharge if you get one on the train.

    From the airport you can get onto the Z-train by first taking the P-train to Tikkurila/Dickursby Station and change there to the Z-train to Lahti. The Helsinki regional transport authority has a page devoted to travel from the airport , including a link to a map of the terminal area . There is free shuttle transport from outside of the terminal entrance to the train station. Here is an information page about the airport train station .

    The journey takes about one hour and twenty to forty minutes. You do not need to get a separate ticket to Tikkurila as that will put you back an extra 4.50 or 5 EUR, when the same ticket will get you to Lahti from the airport directly (as long as you transfer within 80 minutes of buying the ticket.) The best place to buy a ticket is from the Finavia assistance office inside the airport at the arrivals area.

    By super cheap bus from Helsinki city centre

    If you like super cheap buses (1-5 EUR one way at the time of writing), AND are going to the Helsinki city centre anyway, you might want to use Onnibussi . The buses start from Kamppi and go to Lahti Railway Station. Luggage space might be limited / cost extra though, so please check their terms first. Onnibussi is the Ryanair of cheap intracity transport in Finland, so expect similar levels of service. The bus stop at Kamppi is inside the Kamppi Shopping Centre at the Matkahuolto underground terminal. Onnibussi buses use mainly platforms 1,5,9, and 11.

  • I want a private room and room service! Where do I sleep?

    We are unfortunately not in a position to provide service of this caliber but, only for you, we have prebooked a small number of rooms from the following fine establishments in Lahti city centre:

    Scandic Hotel

    Please book before 16th January 2016 directly with the hotel by phone +358 (0)3 339 3911 or email and use the reservation code JODO. Our sayonara party is here, and it's very close to the railway station.


    Room type Price / night
    Single 105 EUR
    Double 115 EUR

    Kauppahotelli Grand

    Please book before 5th January 2015 directly with the hotel by phone +358 (0)3 54 400 or email and use the reservation code JODO.


    Room type Price / night
    Single 70 EUR
    Double 85 EUR
    Three beds 114 EUR
    Four beds 128 EUR

    Patria Hostel

    A small hostel with breakfast. Please book as soon as possible with the hostel by phone +358(0)3 782 3783 or email . There is no reservation code or prebooking. It's very close to the railway station.


    Room type Price / night
    Single 34 EUR
    Double 50 EUR

  • How do I get around in Lahti?

    By foot

    Lahti city centre is pretty convenient for walking, with most hotels being within a 15-20 minutes from the railway station. Mukkula school is however about 5 km, or roughly an hours walk from city centre, so that's not so convenient.

    By taxi

    As nice as walking is, it's not as convenient as taxis. Fortunately, Lahti taxis are ridiculously cheap, especially for shared taxis. For example, a shared taxi ride for one to eight people between the Forenom Apart Hotel and Mukkula school should cost around 15-20 EUR. Taxis may be preordered by phoning 0601 10001.

    By bus

    Lahti is also reasonably well equiped with public transportation. Single fare bus tickets cost between 3.40 - 3.90 EUR, depending on the distance travelled. A trip planner is available to plan your journeys. At least the buses 32, 21, and 31 go to/from Mukkula school. Some example journeys:

  • I want to take a dan-grade. What do I need to do?

    In my country it working like this: Your bucho contact my bucho. Then you bring envelope with money and nice present. You give present to jury, envelope to me, and I give you diploma.... Maybe, if present good. Capisce? (Present and envelope optional.)

    The gradings are held according to the EKF grading rules and regulations . You will need to have:

    • A permission letter from your federation (possibly by email).
    • Paid your seminar and application fee before taking the examination.
    • Cash to cover the registration fee, in case you pass your grading.

    Fees are as follows:

    Grade Application Registration
    1 dan 15 EUR 20 EUR
    2 dan 20 EUR 30 EUR
    3 dan 30 EUR 50 EUR

  • I want to take a kyu-grade. What do I need to do?

    Kyu-gradings from 1-kyu to 6-kyu are only held for members of the FKA. FKA members, ask your local dojo leader for details!

  • How do I pay?

    If you are from abroad you may pay cash at the seminar. We however would prefer to be paid in advance using a bank transfer using the invoice you will get after registration.

    If you are a Finnish resident you really should pay by bank transfer. In emergency cases we will however take your cash at seminar registration.

  • My question is not answered here. Who do I talk to?

    Please send all questions to . Popular questions will be added to this FAQ.

  • Emergency contact details? Help?

    If you're lost and need help, please phone one or more of the following people:

    +358 40 770 4444
    +358 40 715 3177

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