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Shi-Ken-Kai Lahti Kendo Club

Shi Ken Kai ry proudly presents...

Lahti, Finland

Year 2016 is FKA's 30th anniversary
and in February we celebrate with Jodo!

- with -

  • Jock Hopson sensei 7th dan jodo kyoshi
  • Takao Momiyama sensei 7th dan jodo renshi
  • Robert Rodriguez sensei 6th dan jodo renshi
  • Robert Völkmann 5th dan jodo
  • Asko Pitkänen 5th dan jodo

Grading up to 3. dan!

Price for seminar: 120 euros adult, 90 euro youth (aged 18 or less.)

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Shindō Musō-ryū most commonly known by its practice of jōdō, is a traditional school (koryū) of the Japanese martial art of jōjutsu, or the art of wielding the short staff (jō). The technical purpose of the art is to learn how to defend against a swordsman in combat using the jō, with an emphasis on proper combative distance, timing and concentration. The system includes teachings of other weapon systems which are contained in Shindō Musō-ryū as auxiliary arts (Fuzoku ryuha).

Zen Nihon Kendō Renmei Jōdō is a modern form of jōdō created by Japanese martial artist Shimizu Takaji and presented to the All Japan Kendo Federation in 1968.*

These both forms of Jodo are practiced in Finland.

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